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  • S & P Kustumz - Chico, CA Custom Auto Body Shop & Restoration Services
  • S & P Kustumz is the go-to auto body shop for all your custom builds in the Chico, CA area!

    At S & P Kustumz, we restore and resell forgotten, derelict American cars, everything from a 1931 Model A to a '73 Trans Am.

    We are highly experienced mechanics and fabricators that are open to new and old ideas.

    We pledge our dedication and believe anything is possible on your classic vehicle.

    At our auto body shop, we maintain a high standard and get work done in a timely fashion. Passion gives us the ability to satisfy your short term and long-term auto restoration goals. S & P Kustumz will deliver an enjoyable service, we enjoy seeing happy clients!

    Honesty and a good moral compass are traits that we've used to build our business. We work to find a solution that best suits your needs, which in turn gets the job done right.

    Whatever your custom restoration needs, look no further then S & P Kustumz of Chico, CA, get in touch with us today!

    Call us or stop by to discuss your custom restoration needs! (530) 321-9449


  • Our Services

    Chico, CA Custom Auto Body Shop & Restoration Services

      • Auto Body Repair
      • Custom Auto Paint Repair
      • Accident Damage Appraisal
      • Alignments
      • Collision Repair
      • Reconditioning & Detailing
      • Uni-Body Repair
      • Frame Repair
      • Painting
      • Frame & Uni-Body Straightening
      • Customized Paint Jobs
      • Touch-ups
      • Dent Repair
      • Spot Painting
      • And Much More!

  • Our Services

S & P Kustumz

We handle all auto body work in-house even major work
Serving Chico, CA

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